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TXTreader #3: VideoGame Reader

A 200+ page,
11+ Artist,
14+ Color,
Riso Compendium
On gaming’s long reach into our “real” world.

“Finally, I can game in peace…”




TXTreader is a platform for errant thoughts, dumb jokes, and approximated projects by a range of contributors.

This edition of the reader is devoted to video games, the worlds they create, and how we process them.

Intender to be quick studies rather than “finished” pieces, we ask each contributor to limit their work to an evening or weekend and around sixteen (or so) pages.

1. Alick Shiu
2. Kasey Edgerton
3. Taehee Whang
4. Maya Filmeridis
5. Jack Nachmanovitch
6. Chelsea Cater
7. O.K. Fox
8. Davis Fowlkes
9. Michelle Selwa
10. Tracy Ma & Wilson Cameron
11. John Irving
12. Various Villagers

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